Research Centre


Vetronics Research Centre UK (VRC UK) is a UK based R&D and consultancy company specialising in electronic architectures, high-integrity embedded systems, and security for military land systems and vehicles, remote-operated & semi/fully autonomous platforms, and robotic systems.

About us

We specialise in the Research & Development of advanced & experimental technologies, and system & sub-system designs for complex mobile platforms and robotic systems.

We bring 20+ year expertise in research on complex, high-criticality, and distributed embedded systems and electronic architectures for military land systems.

Our work methodology is based on thorough User and System requirements gathering and analysis, technology insertion from multiple technology sectors (automotive, industrial, commercial), and extensive testing and evaluation of associated technologies and designs starting from TRL 1/2.

We provide consultancy services to national and international industry, academia, and government organisations.



Embedded systems security analysis, system & application vulnerability testing and hardening, secure communication protocol design.

Embedded Systems

Deterministic and safety-critical embedded system design, development, and prototyping.

Distributed and high-performance embedded computing.

Low-level, RTOS, and bare-metal application design and development.

Mobile Platform Testbeds

Integrated mobile platform testbed design and development.

Modular electronic architecture design for long-term upgradability, technology insertion & testing, HIL testing, prototype component and subsystem evaluation.

Vehicle Systems Integration

Technology and Electronic Architecture integration in experimental and prototyping vehicle systems.

Integrated system performance analysis, evaluation, and new technology interoperability testing.


We offer 2-3 day focused training courses on specialist topics. Each course is tailored to the customer's audience and specific requirements, with the option to extend the course with additional training and interactive workshops.

  • Military Vetronics Architectures
  • Military Vetronics Communication Networks
  • Military Vetronics Security