MilCAN Module Development Kit


MMDK Datasheet

The MilCAN Module Development Kit is a custom-made reference hardware design and software development kit of a MilCAN-A Protocol (MWG-MILA-001 R3) Stack offloading co-processor.

The Module runs a MilCAN-A Stack in a controlled environment, offloading the processing of MilCAN-A protocol real-time and synchronous functions from a Host computer system that runs the user application using a generic Operating System. Time sensitive MilCAN-A functions are handled internally by the Module while the user developed application runs independently in the Host system and communicates asynchronously with the Module via a library API.

Module Specifications

  • Dual ISO 11898-1 CAN Data Link Layer
  • Dual ISO 11898-2 CAN Physical Layer (up to 2Mbps)
  • USB2.0 for module power and Host connectivity
  • Dimensions: 92mm x 34mm x 15mm (approx.)
  • CANbus Connector: DB9 Male, CiA DS102 compatible
  • Host Connector: USB-B Female

Offloaded MilCAN-A Functions

  • Sync Master / Sync Slave
  • MilCAN-A Priority based message and frame processing and transmission
  • Synchronous Messages scheduling and transmission
  • Asynchronous Messages transmission
  • Request Messages handling and Response Messages transmission
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Multi-frame Messages reception and transmission
  • Primary Type and Message ID based filtering
  • Frame expiry with user configurable per-priority TTL

Other Functions

  • Direct CAN: Raw CAN frame reception and transmission

Host Software

  • USB Driver (Linux, *BSD, MS Windows XP-10)
  • API Library (C99)
  • Example Host applications (C99)

MMDK1A1 Cluster